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Grand Mufti: Islamic law permits temporary tattoos

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    Henna tattoo- CC via Pixabay

    Henna tattoo- CC via Pixabay

    CAIRO – 6 September 2020: Tattoos are religiously permissible for women as a type of adornment, said Egyptian Grand Mufti Shawki Allam on Friday, clarifying that tattoos with indelible ink are unanimously forbidden.

    “A woman must be adorned for her husband,” he said in an interview with Nadhara talk show on Sada al-Balad T.V.

    In most Arab and Islamic countries, women have preferred for a long time to have a Henna tattoo, which is temporary.

    The Egyptian Nubian Village is famous for henna tattoos. An Egyptian 49-year-old Nubian citizen, called Madeha, previously told Egypt Today that she has been drawing henna tattoos for tourists and visitors for 25 years.

    She prepares the natural herbs of the henna with some oils, kneads them and then filters the mixture with a piece of soft cloth to become easy to use.


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